Your Panorama™ team

Personal advice and support are our top priorities

Our interdisciplinary team – consisting of physicians, biologists, geneticists and your GP supervisors – has long-standing relationships with the doctors who send us the tests, and with whom we work closely in order to respond to the questions and challenges of the individual in a flexible manner, made-to-measure.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Panorama ™ test, our findings or other technical questions:

TEL. 0211 – 60 00 70 ° FAX 0211 – 60 00 71 71 ° INFO@PANORAMA-TEST.DE

Katrin Hoffmann (M. Sc.)
Laboratory Management
Biological and Molecular Diagnostics

Anna Ortloff-Kittredge (M. Sc.)
Practice and Patient Support

Kim Ostermann
Practice and Patient Support

Christiane Michel
Head Medical Laboratory Assistant

Claudia Behrend
Gynecology and cytology – Geneticist

Dr. med. Diana Mitter

Dr. Dagmar Lammerting
Specialist for Laboratory Medicine
Head Laboratory Physician

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Rainer B. Zotz
Specialist for Laboratory Medicine & Transfusion Medicine – Hemostaseology

Dr. med. Dietmar Klimas
Gynecology and cytology

Our field service team will be happy to assist you.  Ms. Lesle, Ms. Mellouk and Mr. Vogt are at your disposal for all questions concerning the Panorama™ test and our laboratory.

Heike Lesle
Practice Support
Mobil: 0174 685 47 81

Jamila Mellouk
Practice Support
Mobil: 0174 685 47 89

Jan Vogt
Practice Support
Mobil: 0174 685 47 94