Test result

When do I get my results?

The results will be communicated to the doctor who performed the Panorama ™ test within 4-7 working days.

What kind of results will I get?

Like all non-invasive prenatal tests, the Panorama ™ test is not a diagnostic test. The result corresponds to a risk indication of a high or low risk for each syndrome under investigation. Your doctor will give you a detailed interpretation of the findings. In the case of a high-risk result for a particular genetic change, there is a very high probability of the change being present, however this does not represent a definite result. In this case, a diagnostic examination (chorionic villus biopsy or amniotic fluid puncture) is strongly recommended. The doctor informs the patient of the test results and recommends further procedure, which could include genetic counseling and a diagnostic examination. A low risk means that the probability of your baby having one of the chromosomal disorders listed is very low (but not zero).

What do the possible results look like?

“Low risk“
This result implies that your baby is unlikely to be affected by any of the investigated disease patterns. However, the “Low risk” result is not a guarantee for a healthy baby because the Panorama ™ test is not a diagnostic test and only looks for certain pathologies.

“High risk”
This result indicates an increased risk of your baby being affected by a particular disease, but this is not a 100% result. Invasive test procedures during pregnancy, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus biopsy, and postnatal examinations, can be used to determine whether a particular disease is present. Talk to your doctor about possible further tests.

“No result”
In a small percentage of the tests, the blood sample provides too little information for an accurate result. In such a case, a new blood sample must be taken, among other things.