Test procedure

With Panorama ™, it is just a few steps to a fast and safe result!
1. The patient wants to have the Panorama™ test carried out

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! You want to be certain of your baby’s health and have heard about the Panorama ™ test. You have come to the conclusion that you want the test to be carried out.
Either you order the Panorama™ test from us through our order form or contact your gynecologist and tell them what you want. Your gynecologist will order the test for you and will perform it in their practice. We send the Panorama™ test kit to you at no extra cost.


2. Consultation and Examination

A comprehensive clarification and genetic counseling from your treating doctor, who has a corresponding qualification, is a prerequisite for the performance of the Panorama ™ test according to the German Genetic Diagnostics Law (GenDG). They shall also be your contact during the implementation phase. If your treating doctor is unable to do the genetic counseling themselves, we will be happy to assist you in finding a genetic counseling center in your area.


3. Blood sample taken

Your treating doctor will take venous blood from you at one of your prenatal appointments or on a separate date and send it to us in the appropriate Panorama ™ test kit.


4. Analysis

Upon receipt, your blood sample is analyzed by the unique Panorama ™ analysis method and examined for the requested chromosome abnormalities.


5. Result

After 4 to 7 working days, your findings will be communicated to the practice where your test has carried out. In a personal interview, your doctor will tell you the results and discuss any open questions.